Synthetic turf grass from Southwest Greens Delaware Valley is the best way to save money and have a beautiful green lawn all year! Throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Southwest Greens is the leader in sales and installations of artificial grass and synthetic grass lawn products. Our synthetic turf is durable enough for commercial use and soft enough for residential use. Synthetic turf grass can be installed to replace your residential lawn, but it can also be installed indoors in your home or office. It’s perfect for rooftop gardens in the city. We custom design and install landscape projects with artificial grass in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Other uses for synthetic turf include:

  • Swimming pools; Our artificial turf makes a great lawn substitute for swimming pool enclosures- no more grass clippings getting into the pool. No more hassles of getting a lawn mower into the pool area.
  • Dog Runs; We have synthetic turf designed for dog run use; when properly installed, the turf drains into a crushed stone base and is durable enough to hold up to any size dog. Don’t even think of trying real grass in a dog run, it just won’t survive!
  • Balconies and decks; Synthetic turf makes a great surface for balconies and decks.
  • Play areas; Synthetic turf is by far the most versatile surface for safe and attractive play areas and playgrounds. Southwest Greens has many options for turf and cushion styles that can be specified to create different fall heights for residential and commercial play areas. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have regulations for fall heights that childcare and daycare businesses must follow. Southwest Greens can assist in providing these solutions for playgrounds.

Synthetic turf lawn maintenance is negligible – an occasional few minutes with a leaf blower is all that is needed to keep the turf clean. New Jersey and Pennsylvania synthetic grass lawn installations require none of the maintenance that real grass requires – no fertilizing, no pesticides, no herbicides, no watering, no cutting. The minimal turf maintenance can be done annually by our experienced synthetic grass technicians. Our synthetic turf products are so realistic you will have to tell your neighbors its not real grass. Synthetic grass products now come in multiple colors and blends designed to look just like the natural grass in your neighborhood.

If you’re tired of fighting weeds, dealing with the hassle and expense of maintaining your grass, concerned about wasting water, then make the easy choice: a new maintenance free lawn for your residential home or office from Southwest Greens Delaware Valley.