Golf Putting Greens Southeastern Pennsylvania

Golf Putting Greens

Pennsylvania backyard putting greens from Southwest Greens! Our Pennsylvania backyard golf greens are the perfect addition to any residential home, retirement community, or business looking to provide recreational activities for employees. Our artificial putting greens can be custom designed to fit your space and your required level of difficulty. With a synthetic backyard lawn at your home, you can practice your golf game anytime you want. Let us design a synthetic residential backyard putting green for you.

Building a great backyard putting green requires years of employee training and more skill that you might imagine. To achieve true ball roll, shots that react as they do on a real green, and consistent stimp speed requires specific installation techniques and the finest synthetic turf products that only Southwest Greens can provide. Now you can practice golf on a personal backyard golf green just like the pros. With green speeds customized for your game and ball role as true as the finest country club greens, your golf practice routine is complete right in your own backyard. We can custom design a synthetic golf putting green to give you the most realistic golf practice available. We can even add bunkers and water features, chipping/pitching stations and tee lines and surrounding areas of fringe and backyard artificial lawn areas.

Synthetic turf putting greens from Southwest Greens are also installed throughout New Jersey and Delaware. Our backyard golf greens are the perfect choice to practice and take your golf game to the next level! We can custom design and install an artificial green in your backyard, inside your home or even on top of your apartment building. Every putting green is custom-built for you, including hole locations, breaks, fringe, and overall design to fit your space. Our backyard putting greens and artificial lawns can be installed almost anywhere; why not install one at your home?